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Cleanings & Prevention

Exams, Cleanings and Prevention

cleaning1.jpgIt’s a proven fact that a healthier mouth equates to a healthier body. Eliminating bacterial buildup through regular preventive oral care helps keep our patients stronger and enjoy healthier lives. Our preventive services are targeted toward eliminating common dental problems before they have the chance to start.


Comprehensive Exams

Getting to know every surface of your teeth can help us pinpoint risk factors and conditions when they are smaller and simpler to treat. Each exam consists of a dental exam and periodontal assessment to ensure longer stability of your teeth.


Digital X-rays

Low-radiation digital x-rays enhance the way we communicate with our patients. See for yourself as each image is displayed on an in-room monitor during your exam.


Preventive Cleanings

Removing calcified deposits that build up on your teeth not only keeps your breath fresher; it boosts your immune system. We recommend a preventive cleaning every 6 months for most healthy patients.


TMJ Solutions

cleaning2.jpgTemporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD) can cause headaches, muscle pain and worn, broken teeth. If you suspect that you have the condition, a simple exam can let you know what to do next.


Mouth Guards and Snore Guards

Oral guards can help prevent everyday problems like clenching, grinding and even sleep apnea. Aurora Dental offers various types of bite guards to protect against everything from accidental sporting injuries to snoring.


Oral Cancer Screenings

Early diagnosis is the most important part of battling oral cancer. We conduct a thorough oral cancer screening during every preventive care appointment. Even if you do not use tobacco, you could be at risk. If you’ve had a spot or sore inside of your mouth for more than two weeks, call to schedule an exam.



Professional strength fluoride treatments help teeth resist tooth decay and fight against sensitivity. Fluoride is applied after each child’s dental cleaning, or to adults with a risk of tooth decay and sensitivity.

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