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Dental Crowns

Aurora Dental Crowns

crowns1.jpgCrowns are the most comprehensive type of restoration that a tooth can receive. Encapsulating the entire portion of the tooth above the gumlines, crowns allow the tooth to continue functioning normally without their weak enamel breaking apart any further. They can be made of porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or gold. The location of the tooth to be treated will have an impact on which type of material you select.



When Are Crowns Necessary?

A crown is typically needed when there are conditions such as:

  • Root canal therapy
  • Severe fractures or trauma
  • Deep tooth decay
  • Large, broken fillings


The Crown Treatment Process

crowns2.jpgThe treatment for a crown involves two separate appointments. At your first visit, we will remove any existing restorations, damaged tooth surfaces or decay. The tooth is then shaped and an impression is taken, which we will use to create a customized crown. Our dentists then place a temporary restoration over the tooth to protect it until the next phase of treatment. In three weeks, the permanent crown is ready for delivery; the temporary restoration is removed, the tooth is cleaned, and the crown is bonded permanently into place.

If you need a crown but don’t have insurance coverage or are concerned about the cost, Aurora Dental can help. We offer affordable pricing and financing options to help our patients keep their smiles strong. Call our Wasilla, AK dental office today for more information.

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