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General Dentistry

general_dent1.jpgA healthy smile starts with a foundation that is free of disease. Our general dentistry services are tailored to help prevent dental diseases and manage them when they’ve severely impacted the health of your teeth.


Exams, Cleanings and Prevention

Early diagnosis is key to providing minimally invasive care. Each of our preventive care appointments includes a detailed exam, cleaning, and access to services that eliminate oral health risks. Read more



general_dent2.jpgIf severely damaged teeth are interfering with your smile rehabilitation or confidence, extracting the teeth and starting over can help you enjoy a healthy smile again. Read more


Root Canal Therapy

Abscessed and severely damaged teeth can be preserved by having an endodontic procedure, which eliminates internal infection. Read more


Wisdom Teeth

Painful or impacted wisdom teeth can cause discomfort, crowding, and oral infections. Our dentists offer in-office wisdom tooth removal for teens and adults. Read more


Explore our options to find out more about the care and detail that goes into the way we approach dentistry. Are you ready to enjoy a healthy smile again? Call Aurora Dental today.

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