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Orthodontic Options for Your Entire Family

ortho1.jpgA straighter smile is more than just feeling good about how you look. It impacts the overall health of your mouth. After all, crooked teeth are more prone to cavities, gum disease and gum recession. Problems like excessive tooth wear, broken restorations and even TMJ disorder are linked with improper tooth alignment.




ortho2.jpgStraighten your teeth with clear, comfortable alignment trays. Invisalign is the most “invisible” way to experience orthodontics.

Our treatments are customized for adults and teens alike, providing our patients with predictable results in as little time as necessary. Schedule your free orthodontic evaluation today!


Invisible Braces

Invisalign is the leader when it comes to clear braces. Invisible braces are great for both adults and teens. When you wear clear braces, no one will ever be able to see them. The clear aligners are made of thin, durable material that you see right through! Say goodbye to metal braces and wires – Invisalign gives you the best cosmetic braces option possible.


Adult Orthodontics

Modern adult braces make straighter teeth an option for all ages! From new parents to baby boomers – Invisalign is great for smiles of all backgrounds. Adults love Invisalign because people won’t see the braces when you’re wearing them. They are the most invisible type of orthodontics available. Wear Invisalign to work, out with friends, or even on a date!


Comfortable Clear Orthodontic Options

Do braces hurt? Well, if you wear metal brackets and wires they can poke or irritate your gums. Not Invisalign. In fact, our adult orthodontic patients report that Invisalign is the most comfortable type of braces available in modern orthodontics. With Invisalign you will never need an adjustment – and will have shorter, fewer appointments to our Invisalign dentist office in Wasilla.

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