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Sedation Dentistry

Aurora Dental Sedation Options Keep You ComfortableSedation Dentistry

sedation_dent1.jpgIt’s not uncommon to feel some anxiety about having dental treatment completed. We believe that a lack of comfort should never interfere with having a healthy smile. Our variety of sedation options allows patients to experience gentle, relaxed dental care.


Sedation is a wonderful option for people with:

  • Moderate to high dental phobias
  • Anxiety about dental treatment
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Large amounts of treatment
  • More complex care needs



Types of Sedation and Sleep Dentistry

Aurora Dental offers two different forms of sedation dentistry for our patients to choose from:

iv_sedation.pngNitrous Oxide – A quick onset and reversal of this mild sedative makes it perfect for any dental visit. Read more


no_sedation.pngOral Sedation – Convenient and affordable, oral sedation makes most people feel like they are dreaming.

Wasilla Dentist | Sedation Dentistry. Del Jean Dedeker is a Wasilla Dentist.