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Teeth Whitening

teeth_whitening1.pngOur teeth are made of porous material that collects stain particles over time. If you smoke, drink red wine, coffee, tea or soda, then you will typically have more stain than other people. Other common causes of tooth stain can include medication or natural discoloration of the tooth. Thankfully, there’s a safe and effective way to reverse deep dental stains and help your teeth look several shades whiter. Even if your teeth were never naturally white, our whitening treatments can safely lighten the color of your enamel.


Custom Professional Trays

The Aurora Dental whitening system includes a set of custom-made professional whitening trays. First we will screen for any tooth decay or signs of disease. If your mouth is healthy, we will take an impression of your teeth that we use to create a model and mold for your fitted trays. In a few days, your whitening trays will be ready to pick up. We will review the instructions with you and show you how to get optimal results from just a small amount of prescription strength gel.

Wear your whitening trays one hour per day, and see results in just a few applications! Full results are typically achieved in 10-14 days of use, with the teeth up to 8 shades whiter.


Aurora Dental Whitening for Life

teeth_whitening2.jpgWe have a special program designed to help you keep your whitening results for life. After a preventive care appointment (cleaning, exam and x-rays,) we provide you with the opportunity to purchase your whitening trays for a one-time fee. When you return for your 6-month check-ups, we provide gel refills for you to touch up your whitening after your cleaning.


Call Aurora Dental for information on this unique whitening program with life-long benefits!

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