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Why Clear Aligners?
Wasilla, AK

Close up of hand holding Invisalign clear aligners at Aurora Dental Care in Wasilla, AK Invisalign is a method of realigning your teeth by wearing a clear plastic appliance that is virtually invisible. Your treatment could be completed within six months, and you will start to notice results in just a few weeks. Aurora Dental Care proudly features the Invisalign system, and we are ready to custom make them for you.

Scanning and Mapping

We begin by creating a 3D image scan of your teeth. This is accomplished by using industry-leading scanners and software. There is no need for old fashioned impressions or molds. The 3D scan is fine tuned and a preview image is created, allowing you to see what your results will look like before your aligners are even made.

Freedom in Your Routine

You will be wearing your Invisalign aligners for about 20 hours a day, removing them only for eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth. This will give you the best and fastest results. You will continue eating all of your favorite foods and enjoying your favorite beverages. Since the aligners are easily removed for these activities, you will brush your teeth as normal, without worrying about damaging or working around the wires and brackets in traditional braces.

For parents who worry if their child is wearing their aligner properly, Invisalign features available blue “compliance indicators,” allowing you to monitor their use. Similar to the gradually disappearing blue indicators found on some toothbrushes, they tell you at a glance if the required consistent use is being followed.

Step By Step

Every one or two weeks you will replace your current set of clear aligners with a new set, as your teeth are gradually moved into the correct position. When you first start wearing a new set, you can expect to feel a little extra pressure or mild discomfort. This will diminish in a few days. Every six to eight weeks you will have a checkup to monitor your progress and to pick up the next package of clear aligners. This means fewer office visits than with traditional wire and bracket braces.

Mandibular Advancement

For younger patients with an overbite problem, Invisalign aligners are available with mandibular advancement. Special precision wings on the upper and lower aligners gradually move the lower jaw (mandible) forward as they also gradually align the teeth. The resulting repositioning also improves the appearance and profile of the chin. This feature can replace the bulky traditional appliances that might otherwise be needed.


SmartForce attachments are very small tooth colored structures that can be attached to the tooth surface, and act as a handle for the aligner to grasp. This facilitates the correction of a tooth’s position when it is very far out of alignment by helping the aligner apply the extra needed force.

After your successful treatment, you’ll maintain your beautiful results with your Vivera retainer. When worn at night during sleep, your custom fitted retainer ensures the continued stability of your new smile.

Our team at Aurora Dental Care can fit you with an Invisalign device and help you on your way to better dental alignment. Call us today at 907-376-8400 and get started on your beautiful new smile!

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Why Clear Aligners? | Aurora Dental Care | Wasilla, AK dentist
Our team at Aurora Dental Care can fit you with Invisalign and help you on your way to better dental alignment. Call us today and get started on your new smile!
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